Admissions Process and Requirements

For current admissions processes and requirements, please visit specific program pages. Click here for program list.


Business Administration $520/credit hour
Clinical Counseling PhD $799/credit hour
Clinical Mental Health Counseling $636/credit hour
Education $530/credit hour
Education EdD $699/credit hour
Education TSL $530/credit hour
Education ESL $435/credit hour
Health Care Administration $450/credit hour
Instructional Design and Technology $395/credit hour
Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy $636/credit hour
Organizational Leadership $420/credit hour
Post Baccalaureate $500/credit hour
Physician Assistant $13,185 block tuition
Religion $350/credit hour
Teaching $530/credit hour

Students may also incur other costs (referred to as indirect costs) as a result of attending college. Indirect costs are not directly charged to your student account. Trevecca estimates miscellaneous expenses at $6,092 annually for independent off-campus students and $2,200 annually for on-campus or off-campus dependent students. Transportation expenses are estimated at $3,340 for off-campus students and $1,050 annually for on-campus students. Independent students living off-campus have estimated living expenses of $10,218 annually and dependent off-campus student have an estimated living expenses of $2,554.

Gainful Employment Disclosures