Trevecca awards annual scholarships in recognition of a student’s academic achievement prior to enrollment at TNU. Awards are determined at the time a freshman enters college and will establish the maximum academic award for that student during his/her time at the University. A student must qualify as an incoming freshman in order to receive an academic scholarship. The table below names the scholarships and amounts, and it lists the requirements for freshmen. If you would like to submit your test score in order to qualify for an academic scholarship (or a higher level of academic scholarship), we will accept test scores through the April national test date. We will not award academic scholarship increases for tests completed after the April national test date. Note that the ACT score referenced below is reflective of a composite score. ACT super scoring will be accepted for scholarships. The RSAT (restructured SAT) is based on a total score of English Based Reading & Writing (EBRW) plus Math. Should you have questions, please email

Trevecca is test-optional for admission through 2022. Academic scholarships will be awarded at the time of admission based on the student's unweighted high school GPA OR based on the combination of the student's unweighted high school GPA and ACT/SAT score for applicants who choose to submit a test score. In order to qualify for the Strickland Scholarship and McClurkan Scholarship, applicants must submit a qualifying test score. Academic scholarships may be increased with test score submission through the April national test date.

Scholarships & Financial Aid (effective Fall 2022)
Full Tuition  McClurkan Scholars (By application & invitation only.) 29+ACT (1330 + SAT) and 3.5+ HS GPA
$10,000 Dunning Scholarship 32+ ACT (test required) and 3.0+ HS GPA
$8,500 Strickland Scholarship 29-31 ACT (test required) and 3.0+ HS GPA
$6,000 Speicher Scholarship 3.7+ HS GPA (or 25-28 ACT + 3.0+ HS GPA)
$4,500 Person Scholarship 3.4+ HS GPA (or 22-24 ACT and 3.0+ HS GPA)
$3,000 *Childers Scholarship 3.0+ HS GPA (or 19-21 ACT)
$2,000-$4,000 Leadership Scholarship Awarded based on leadership/service-related involvements, achievements, and academic success. 
$1,000-$5,000 Endowed Scholarship (By application) Awarded based on need and/or donor directives. 
$1,000-$3,000 Departmental Awards Awarded based on a selection process by interview, audition and/or election.
$1,000 Church Matching Scholarship Awarded when a church submits a check (up to $500) on the student's behalf. Trevecca matches the check up to $500. 
Varies Athletic Scholarship Awarded based on skill and determined by NCAA Division II athletic program.

Note to Homeschool Students: In order to qualify for test-optional admission and scholarship awarding, homeschool transcripts must be issued to Trevecca from a registered umbrella program. To verify school status, please confirm that the umbrella school is recognized by ACT or SAT and has a CEEB code associated with it. Transcripts created by and sent from a parent of a homeschooled student will require either an ACT or SAT score to be submitted, for admission and scholarship consideration. 

*Per NCAA, athletes looking to qualify for the Childers Scholarship based on their ACT or SAT score combined with a high school GPA must have a 3.5+ GPA to qualify.


Department of Communications LEAD Scholarships

Dramatic Arts deadline to apply is February 15 of the year you intend to attend.
Film & Media Arts deadline to apply is February 15 of the year you intend to attend.
Journalism deadline to apply is February 15 of the year you intend to attend.

School of Music and Worship Arts Scholarships

Music deadline to apply is January 31 of the year you intend to attend. Apply online!
Worship deadline to apply is January 31 of the year you intend to attend. Apply online!
Non-Major Music Scholarships are available throughout the student's senior year or transfer admissions process. Prospective students can apply for these scholarships until the New Student Orientation of the semester they plan to attend. Apply online!


All students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for Institutional scholarships at Trevecca.

Students interested in applying for private scholarships can do so at

Students submitting an SAT test score received prior to March 2016 (prior to the RSAT) will be awarded academic scholarships based on their Critical Reading and Math (CR+M) score. We do not count the writing score. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at (615)248-1523.