Graduate & Adult Education Scholarships

Note: Students can only receive ONE institutional aid/scholarship (military, athletic, tuition remission, grad assistantship or one of the scholarships listed below) per semester.


Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
The Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship can be given to a community college student who is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa academic honors society. This scholarship provides $500 per semester for an undergraduate student in the Adult Studies area at Trevecca.
Trevecca at Motlow State Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is provided for students enrolled in a TNU undergraduate program taught in person at the Motlow State Community College campus.

This scholarship is awarded after the first class at Motlow is complete.

Church Matching Scholarship
Students enrolled at Trevecca full time in an undergraduate program are eligible for a church matching scholarship. Trevecca will provide a scholarship up to $500 to match any donation provided by a church towards a student’s tuition costs. If a student is a member of a participating Nazarene church in the Southeast region, Trevecca will double any donation provided up to $500. To receive the matching portion of this scholarship, TNU must receive a check directly from the donating church. Trevecca’s matching portion will not exceed $500 per academic year. This scholarship is split equally between all semesters in the academic year.
Online B.A. in Christian Ministry - Nazarene Pastor Scholarship

This scholarship offers full-tuition for students who are accepted into Trevecca’s BA in Christian Ministry online program, and are locally licensed, district-licensed, or ordained (elder or deacon) in the Church of the Nazarene and reside or work on the Southeast Field. The scholarship applies only to tuition, and only to the core Christian Ministry classes (electives classes, as well as books/fees not included). Scholarship awards are by application only, and spaces are limited. Not every applicant who qualifies will receive this award.

Students must show proof of local or district license (or ordination certificate) and complete the scholarship application.


TNU Alum
Any student who has completed a bachelor’s degree from Trevecca can receive a 10% tuition scholarship from a qualified master’s degree program. Exclusions include programs in Graduate Psychology and Physician Assistant. This scholarship is not offered for specialist or doctoral level programs.
Scholarship for Government and Nonprofit Employees

Students employed as city, county, state, or federal employees (including elected/appointed officials), as well as students employed by a non-profit organization qualify for this scholarship. Scholarships are awarded as 10% towards tuition (books and fees not included) for the MBA and MOL programs only. Applicants must submit an appropriate work ID to qualify.

Nazarene Pastor & Salvation Army Scholarship (for master’s programs in religion & worship)

This scholarship provides 25% towards tuition (books and fees not included) for current pastors and their spouses serving Nazarene churches, as well as anyone employed by the Salvation Army. Eligible programs are:

  • M.A. in church & community ministry
  • M.A. in theology and biblical studies
  • M.A. in worship & leadership
  • M.A. in African American worship studies
Nazarene Church Scholarship for Master of Education: Curriculum & Online Teaching

This scholarship provides 10% for tuition (books and fees not included) to members of a Nazarene church studying in Trevecca’s Master of Education: Curriculum & Online Teaching program.

Christian Educator Scholarship

Educators working full-time for a private Christian school are eligible for a 25% scholarship for graduate programs in the School of Education.


Military Scholarship

Any student enrolled in a non-traditional program at Trevecca, who is a military service member, veteran, military spouse, or a dependent (23 and under) of a service member or veteran, will be awarded a scholarship up to 10% of tuition each new semester.

This scholarship is awarded at the end of each semester and applied to any balance not covered by payments from the VA, or by federal or state grant money; these scholarship funds are intended to assist with tuition, fees and books; no credit balance is created as a result of this scholarship. Must apply with this link.

First Responder Scholarship

Any student enrolled in a non-traditional or graduate program at Trevecca and employed as a first responder will be awarded a scholarship up to 10% of tuition each new semester.

First responders are students who are currently employed or retired from areas of law enforcement, emergency services (paramedics), or fire safety.

This scholarship does not apply to doctoral programs, graduate counseling programs, or Trevecca’s Physician Assistant program.

Tennessee High School Coach or Athletic Director Scholarship

Any high school coach or athletic director in Tennessee will receive a 10 percent scholarship for the following programs:

  • Master of Science in sport & entertainment management
  • Master of Science in human performance & fitness