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Financial Aid & Costs

Trevecca Nazarene University is committed to helping students develop a plan for meeting their educational goals. Contact or 615-248-1242 with financial aid questions.

FAFSA school code: 003526

Tuition & Costs

There are many factors that determine the cost of a program. You can find specific financial information on the page of the program you are interested in.

Students may also incur other costs (referred to as indirect costs) as a result of attending college. Indirect costs are not directly charged to your student account. Trevecca estimates miscellaneous expenses at $8,500 annually for independent off-campus students and $2,510 annually for on-campus or off-campus dependent students. Transportation expenses are estimated at $2,596 for off-campus students and $1,060 annually for on-campus students. Independent students living off-campus have estimated living expenses of $12,512 annually and dependent off-campus student have an estimated living expenses of $3,754.

Graduate Programs

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Tuition: $699 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Doctor of Business Administration equips students to teach, consult or advance in a corporate or academic setting. Students choose from one of four study tracks: higher education; consulting and coaching; enterprise leading and managing; or healthcare administration.

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Leadership (Ed.D.)

Tuition: $699 per credit hour

The Doctor of Education in leadership helps students gain skills and knowledge to be successful change agents in a variety of roles and fields. Students can tailor their degree by choosing from specialized tracks that include higher education, consulting and coaching, enterprise leading and managing, healthcare administration, pre-K-12 district leadership and professional practice.

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Church And Community (M.A.)

Tuition: $463 per credit hour

The Master of Arts in church and community prepares students to lead congregations and ministries within diverse communities, responding to issues like racism, immigration and generational poverty to foster greater community health and sustainability. This program equips servant leaders to minister in ways that bring about greater community engagement, health and reconciliation.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.)

Tuition: $706 per credit hour

The Master of Arts in clinical mental health counseling is accredited by The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).  This program prepares students for licensure as a professional counselor (LPC-MHSP) in the state of Tennessee.

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Organizational Leadership (MOL)

Tuition: $491 per credit hour

The master’s in organizational leadership (MAOL) equips students to become dynamic leaders by gaining knowledge and experience that is practical, relevant and immediately beneficial in a variety of careers and industries. Students tailor this degree by choosing one of our specialized focus tracks: healthcare administration, project management, management and leadership, human resources, entrepreneurship and innovation or nonprofit leadership and management.

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Teaching (M.A.T.)

Tuition: $530 per credit hour

The Master of Arts in Teaching offers an endorsement in either elementary education (K-5) or secondary education (6-12) to individuals with a bachelor’s degree seeking to become a teacher. The program equips students in both remote and online instruction strategies and provides hands-on learning with student teaching opportunities in local classrooms.

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Theology and Biblical Studies (M.A.)

Tuition: $463 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Master of Arts in theology and biblical studies equips students to understand and live out foundational, timeless and transformative truths in a contemporary context. Students use up-to-date research and commentary to apply methods of theological and biblical study to critical issues of our time.

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Worship and Leadership (M.A.)

Tuition: $463 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Master of Arts in worship and leadership equips students with the practical skills, theological training and administrative tools needed to be effective servant leaders. This fully online and interdisciplinary program prepares students to be impactful in music ministry or other leadership and teaching roles.

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Tuition: $590 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree equips students for an impactful professional career in a variety of industries. This versatile program allows students to choose from a 15-month accelerated option or a 22-month traditional option, and students can tailor the degree by following any of these specialty tracks: data analytics, entrepreneurship and innovation, healthcare administration, human resources, management and leadership, nonprofit leadership and management, or project management.

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Educational Leadership (M.Ed.)

Tuition: $530 per credit hour

The Master of Education in educational leadership is a licensure-seeking program that prepares educators to design effective curriculum and utilize data to improve student learning and increase school success.

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English as a Second Language (M.Ed.)

Tuition: $435 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Master of Education in English as a second language is designed for licensed teachers who want to teach ESL in a pre-K-12 setting, or for non-licensed individuals pursuing a career as an ESL specialist. The program offers an ESL endorsement option for those who want to gain ESL certification without the master’s degree. Both the degree and the endorsement paths fully prepare students for the ESL Praxis exam required for ESL certification.

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Marriage and Family Counseling (MMFC)

Tuition: $706 per credit hour

The Master of Marriage and Family Counseling is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).  This program prepares students for licensure as professional counselor (LPC-MHSP) in Tennessee.

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Healthcare Administration (M.S.)

Tuition: $500 per credit hour

The Master of Science in healthcare administration focuses on leadership, service and innovation in the healthcare management field. This program equips students to become effective leaders as they learn to tackle healthcare challenges of cost, access and quality with innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

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Instructional Design & Technology (M.S.)

Tuition: $463 per credit hour

Help meet the demands of the digital age with a Master of Science in instructional design and technology. This practical and versatile program equips students with sought-after skills like programming, animation, simulation and the effective delivery and implementation of digital instruction.

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Physician Assistant (MSM)

Tuition: $700 per credit hour with fees for a total tuition package of $99,400

Trevecca’s Physician Assistant (PA) program equips graduates to serve their communities through professional clinical practice. Our program is the first and longest-tenured program in Tennessee, offering all new on-campus facilities and clinical experiences in diverse settings.

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Clinical Counseling: Teaching and Supervision (Ph.D.)

Tuition: $799 per credit hour

This Ph.D. in clinical counseling equips students to become competent mental health professionals, counselor educators, supervisors, researchers and leaders in the field who use their skills to serve others. This 66-hour program is CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) accredited.

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Accountability and Instructional Leadership (Ed.S.)

Tuition: $562 per credit hour

Focusing on research, leadership, data and accountability, the Ed.S. program is designed for administrators, those seeking to become administrators, instructional facilitators and teachers who seek to improve school, student and district performance. All credit hours from this program can be transferred to Trevecca's Doctor of Education program.

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Sport and Entertainment Management (M.S.)

Tuition: $525 per credit hour

Trevecca’s online Master of Science in sport and entertainment management prepares students for a career in the vast entertainment industry by balancing learning and real-world partnerships with global sport and entertainment businesses and practitioners. Students will be equipped with critical thinking and authentic training to broaden the scope of their employability. 

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Strategic Communication (M.S.)

Tuition: $491 per credit hour

Trevecca’s online Master of Science in strategic communication is designed with the working professional in mind. It focuses on strategy and creating leaders that effectively plan and oversee all aspects of communication. With a focus on ethical decision making and powerful storytelling, this program empowers students to become effective communication leaders who can drive meaningful impact in organizations and in society.

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Continuing Education

General Studies (A.A.)

Tuition: $353 per credit hour

The Associate of Arts in general studies degree gives students a flexible, well-rounded foundation that includes a diverse and broad understanding of fundamental subjects. In addition to completing core liberal arts courses, students choose two 12-hour themed bundles of coursework from the following disciplines: business, leadership, psychology, healthcare, criminal justice, ministry and general studies. Graduates with this degree can seamlessly transition to one of Trevecca’s degree-completion programs or any four-year degree program.

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Business Management

Tuition: $353 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Associate of Science in business management is a flexible degree program that provides a solid foundation in business fundamentals. You’ll be equipped with topics such as modern economics, marketing, accounting, finance and organizational management while strengthening your communication and critical thinking skills.

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Christian Ministry

Tuition: $327 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministry is an online degree-completion program that equips you to serve in a variety of roles, from full-time Christian ministry to service in a church or organizational setting. This program focuses on providing you with a holistic mindset, a missional vision, servant leadership skills and ministry competence.

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Management and Leadership

Tuition: $419 per credit hour

The Bachelor of Arts in management and leadership (BML) is a degree-completion program designed for working adults who want to grow as servant leaders and global citizens. This program includes coursework that prioritizes creativity, accountability and intentionality while emphasizing three key areas of development: management, leadership and personal.

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Psychology (B.A.)

Tuition: $419 per credit hour

The Bachelor of Arts in psychology is a degree-completion program that provides a professional level of psychological understanding and Christian ethics to a variety of different environments. Graduates learn to apply theories of human behavior to real-life situations pertaining to individuals, as well as dynamics within relationships, families, communities and organizations.

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Business (B.S. - Online)

Tuition: $419 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Science in business degree-completion program is specifically designed for working adults who have previously earned up to 40 credit hours. This fully online, asynchronous program equips students with a strong foundation in business and prepares them for success in a variety of highly profitable careers.

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Criminal Justice

Tuition: $419 per credit hour

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Science in criminal justice is a degree-completion program designed for those with previous college credit who are working in the criminal justice field. With this degree, students can expand their education and potential for advancement by positioning themselves for a variety of careers in law enforcement, corrections or criminal justice.

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Healthcare Administration (B.S.)

Tuition: $419 per credit hour

The Bachelor of Science in healthcare administration is a degree-completion program that helps students gain the fundamental skills in business and healthcare management needed for a career in this specialty area. Students learn health regulations and policy, strategic and financial management and health management information systems and informatics.

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Adult Electives

Tuition: $353 per credit hour

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Meet Your Financial Services Team

Your financial service advisor will be able to help you navigate the ins and outs of costs, payment options and financial aid. You do not have to tackle this aspect of your college experience alone, Trevecca is dedicated to helping you make your educational goals a reality.






Payment Options

There are essentially three ways by which you can cover your tuition and fees costs at Trevecca Nazarene University


We understand that financial aid options can be overwhelming. Your financial services advisor will guide you through the step-by-step process and explain all options available to you. Here is some information about the programs we offer.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Students wishing to fund their education using federal or state grants and/or student loans should complete the Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA) at Trevecca’s school code is 003526.

Students complete the FAFSA annually for each year they want to receive assistance.

Federal Loans

Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the federal student loan program. These are low interest loans specific for students. The FAFSA application is the first step to qualify for student loans. Annual and lifetime limits apply. For specific information on federal student loans please go to:

Federal and State Grants

Undergraduate students may qualify for need based grants as determined by the FAFSA. The largest source of grant funding is the Federal Pell Grant. For information about federal grants please go to

Trevecca participates in assistance offered to undergraduate students through the state of Tennessee. These programs include TN Hope Scholarship, Tennessee Student Assistance Award, and TN Reconnect. For additional information please visit the state website at

Military and Employer Programs

Trevecca accepts all applicable military benefits including GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon and TN Strong. It is important for students to submit the appropriate paperwork to make sure benefits are secured. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

If your employer offers tuition assistance let your financial services advisor know and we can assist you with securing those benefits.

Private Student Loans

Students needing additional funding may want to apply for a private credit-based student loan. For additional information and to review a list of lenders other students at Trevecca use, please visit


Additional Questions? Please contact us as or 615-248-1242.

In addition to financial aid, Trevecca offers payment options to assist you.

Students who are paying all or a portion of their tuition out of pocket are expected to have payment completed prior to the start of each semester.

Monthly Payment Plan
Students may sign-up for a payment plan to spread their payments throughout the semester. This is an interest free option. A sign-up fee is required each semester.

Payment in Full
Students may pay in full the balance due for tuition and fees prior to the start of classes. Payments may be made using cash, check, credit or debit card. Credit and debit card transactions will have a processing fee.

Your financial services advisor will guide you through these specific options and provide additional information on how to setup a payment plan or make payments.

Additional Questions? Please contact us as or 615-248-1242.


Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available to assist with paying for school?
There are three main ways by which you can cover your tuition and fees.
  • 1) Students may be eligible for federal or state grants as well as federal student loans. 
  • 2) Some employers offer tuition reimbursement (total or partial). 
  • 3) Trevecca also offers interest free monthly payment plans depending on the length of each semester.
How do I apply for financial aid?
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at The FAFSA is an annual application. Trevecca’s school code for FAFSA is 003526.
What information do I need in order to complete the FAFSA?

Please visit this link to determine what information is needed to complete your FAFSA:

What should I do after completing my Financial Aid?

After completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please contact your enrollment counselor to find out your next steps.

How will I know my financial aid eligibility?

You will receive an estimate of your Tuition and Fees as well as an estimate of your available Financial Aid 7 to 14 days after you have completed your FAFSA.  Your official offer of aid and directions to finalize everything will be sent to you, via email, after you have been registered for your classes.  This usually takes place 7 to 14 days before classes begin. 

What federal student loan options are available?

Loan types and amounts vary depending on grade level and financial need. Please visit for additional information.

Does Trevecca participate in federal and state grant programs?

Yes, undergraduate students may qualify for federal and state grants based on financial need and other program-specific criteria. For more information about the Federal Pell Grant, visit For information about state grant programs, visit

Does Trevecca Nazarene University accept military benefits?
TNU accepts all applicable military benefits (e.g. GI Bill®, Yellow Ribbon, etc.). It is important for you to obtain, complete, and submit the appropriate forms for your benefits to be secured.


Contact 615-248-1242 or