We do community best when we can be together.   

To put it simply, you—our students—bring our campus to life.   

We’ve all heard the phrase “the new normal” lately, but this year, we’re striving to give you a lot of the normal we’ve all been longing for—but with the understanding that there will be some “new.” Things will look a little different on campus this year, but the things that set Trevecca apart—our community, heritage and commitment to you—remain the same.    

In a time when so many things feel uncertain, you can be certain that the 2020-2021 academic year will embody the characteristics and values you expect from Trevecca. You’ll still connect incredible, challenging professors and mentors. You’ll walk these “hallowed halls of faith and learning” and listen to the bells ring out across the Quad. You’ll make new friends, grow, learn, and experience a godly community dedicated to your success. You will have opportunities to enjoy social activities, cheer on our athletes, experience spiritual formation and so much more.   

While we know this fall may hold some uncertainty, we are confident in our ability to provide you with a meaningful, holistic, educational experience as we work to keep you, our faculty, staff, and community safe and healthy.  


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