Trevecca Brand Manual

What is a brand?

A brand isn't a logo, a name, a phrase or a set of colors. In fact, it isn't even something you can see or touch.

A brand can best be described as a perception — it's what people on the outside feel and believe about an organization. The things that come to mind when a person's thoughts turn to our institution is our brand.

Trevecca's advantage when it comes to branding can be summed up in our mantra, Esse Quam Videri, 'To be rather than to seem.' When who we claim to be is no different than who we are, we have achieved brand clarity.

Guiding Principles

These core values help us fulfill our mission. They affect all our relationships and should be apparent in everything we do.

Be Like Jesus

Our attitudes reflect the character of Christ and we're enthusiastic.

Believe and Rejoice

We believe in our potential and rejoice in our opportunities.

Mary and Martha

Our work is important, we own our responsibilities, yet we seek wisdom to choose the better things.

Wise Counsel

We're committed to positive student outcomes and are willing to have hard conversations in service to the whole person.

Go and Be Excellent

We're called to excellence and we strive for perfection. We have a low tolerance for mediocrity.

Brand Personality

Defining our personality helps our various audiences understand who we are, what we’re about and how they should feel about us.

We’re more than a guide, but not replacement parents. Think of us as wise friends.

We’re cheerleaders. We’re motivators. We’re secure and confident enough to share. We love a lot because God first loved us.

We like to have fun, we like to win, and we’re the best in the business with a twinkle in our eye. We are focused on educating.

We make people secure enough to move beyond their perceived ability and step into a challenging world.



Collectively, these unique characteristics help differentiate us from our competitors.

Vibrant, diverse, urban community

We’re not reaching quotas; we’re creating a community of belonging.

Christians committed to engaging with and influencing the world

As we live out the story of Christ, we focus on establishing relationships rather than passing judgments.

Nimble, agile and innovative, but backed by a rich heritage

We’re more than 100 years old, but we’re always pushing the boundaries of what education means.

Serious, but scrappy

We are serious about academics. We’re also willing to get our hands dirty for causes that serve the greater good, like operating an urban farm in a food desert or establishing centers that enrich and engage the community.