Trevecca Brand Manual

Our Brand

What is Brand?

The logo and visual identity are important to the brand of an organization but they are not the brand. Imagine Trevecca Nazarene University is this iceberg. The common misconception is that our logo and marketing material makeup our brand when in reality they are simply the most visible part - just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of Trevecca‘s brand lies beneath the surface.

Our brand is the perception someone has about the university created and shaped by every experience that person has with the university. 

The rest of the iceberg under the surface represents every way imaginable that someone can come into contact with the university or any representation of it. After all, everything the university does either reflects some way on its promise and could potentially shape its perception in someone’s mind.


Attributes are characteristics and traits that describe a brand as if describing a human personality. Because a brand is composed of both physical, personal, as well as material and inanimate things, attributes are a great way to define a brand personality.


Achievement-oriented but not ruthless.

Determined to succeed and provide the resources and training to help others flourish.


Up front but not in-your-face.

Real and honest, more concerned with living and sharing the truth than with being right.

Aware (Leaders)

Perceptive but not know-it-all.

Leaders who see the needs of the world and have the wisdom to know how to meet those needs.


Relationship not religion.

Followers of Christ who seek to know and serve Him in every area of their lives.


Inventive but not reckless

Resourceful and innovative in our approach to all things

Humble (Service)

Seeking to help others but not doormats

Servants who consider the needs of others as more important than their own.

Inclusive (Community)

Community but not clique

A fellowship of individuals bound together in love and a shared goal


Heartfelt and fervent but not impulsive

Intense and ardent desire to lead, serve and fulfill our callings in the wider world


Responsible caretakers but not tight-fisted

Faithful managers of all resources, including creation, finances, and knowledge. 

Tone and Voice

Trevecca’s attributes are a good place to start when considering the general attitude voiced in communications, and these descriptors help to further qualify our attributes.


Tone should vary slightly by audience (and certainly medium – e.g., social media). Generally, Trevecca’s tone is friendly and welcoming. Our tone is conversational, but more formal when needed. It should never feel stuffy, overly academic, institutional or pretentious. 


For prospective students and families, Trevecca is the University that will guide students to discover and nurture their God-given callings because Trevecca is dedicated to helping students achieve their potential and adequately prepare for the future.

For prospective faculty, administrators and staff, Trevecca is the University that mentors and pours into the lives of students because we are dedicated to being champions, collaborators, guides and teachers.

For alumni, Trevecca is the University that feels like home, providing a sense of pride and a network of friendly connections because of shared foundation, focus and ideals.

For Nashvillians, Trevecca is the University that helps people discern their callings, finish degrees and make a difference because Trevecca is committed to bettering our students, community, city and world.

For fans, Trevecca is the University that delivers a tradition of winning the “right way” and a family- friendly experience because Trevecca is an inclusive university with strong student-athlete support and welcoming gameday atmosphere.

For potential donors, Trevecca is the University that will use your gifts to invest in the lives of students because Trevecca is committed to preparing students of all walks of life for leadership and service wherever they may be.