At Trevecca, we are committed to providing the best education, mentoring, and training possible to those called to serve the church as worship leaders. Our worship arts program provides the musical and theological training students need to be successful in worship ministry with focus on the historical and biblical emphasis on authentic worship and the “why we worship” question.

Trevecca’s worship arts program includes courses in music performance, leadership training, and the biblical foundations for preparing and leading a worship service. You’ll graduate with a strong foundation that will prepare students for any kind of worship pastor experience.

Our worship arts courses delve into the story and shape of worship and include classes in music theory, band practicum, systematic theology, and more. The program is a four-year liberal arts degree that includes an option to pursue ordination as part of the degree program. Students in the worship arts program are trained to be pastors as well as worship leaders.

At Trevecca, we believe some skills are best taught outside the classroom. Worship arts students are required to have hands-on, on-site experience through our in-state and out-of-state internship programs. Trevecca’s worship arts professors, music professors, and religion professors have all served in the local church, and current students and recent grads are ministering in states across the country.

Through the worship arts major, the Center for Worship Arts is shaping the next generation of worship leaders, walking alongside students as they develop informed minds, passionate hearts, and engaged hands to fulfill the call of God. The worship arts major provides students with curricula from the Department of Communication Studies, the Skinner School of Business and Technology, and the Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry.

Sam Green
Director, Center for Worship Arts
phone: 615-248-1341