"Being in a school where everybody’s supporting each other no matter who gets the lead, is a great place to grow.


Trevecca's Dramatic Arts program is for those who want to study all varieties of theatre, including acting, design, directing, and theatre history.

By the time you reach your senior year as a theatre student, you will have begun to specialize in one of these major collaborative areas of theatre and is ready to create and present an original senior project in their specialized area. The project presentation is open to the general public and provides a student with a culminating, professional capstone experience in preparation for either graduate studies and/or professional employment after graduation. 

Every student in the program is also strongly encouraged to consider an internship in theatre (required of majors), ideally during their junior year. Including an internship with academic work provides students with valuable opportunities such as professional hands-on experience in the theatre, networking relationships among prospective employers, and building a well-rounded resumé for graduation.

What our students say

"It's an open place to learn. For a theatre major, it is a place to grow as an artist. The communication department has provided me skills and experience beyond my major."

Montgomery Sparrow '15

"I like the attention each professor gives to students as individuals."

Carmel Johnson ‘15

"I love that the professors of the Communication Studies Department are so personable, and I love how uncompetitive, giving, and open the entire department is."

Andrea Richardson ‘16

"My experience as a dramatic arts student would not be the same without Jeff Frame. Jeff is by far one of the most kind and loving people that I have come to know. Jeff Frame is a dear friend and professor to me. I have learned a great deal that has been the foundation of the productions that I have been involved in and plan to do. I believe that the Dramatic Arts department has given me the foundation to achieve my dreams of acting, writing, producing, and directing in the church and as a professional artist."

Angelo Tate '13