"I have the ability to tailor my major however I'd like by taking classes that interest me and classes that I think will benefit me in the future."

hannah pollock '17

The Communication Studies major or minor at Trevecca Nazarene University is for those who want to explore a variety of communication career options.

This program provides a broad-based study of human communication and allows students the flexibility of putting together their own individualized plan of study in the discipline.  Students whose programs consist primarily of dramatic arts and public speaking courses will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who concentrate in interpersonal, organizational, mass media, and journalism course work will be awarded the Bachelor of Science degree.

What our students say

"I absolutely love being a communications major. The professors are nothing but helpful, generous, and so genuinely excited to teach us. I knew from the first communication class I took it was the right decision and that communication studies was for me!"

Laura Beth Winchester ‘17

"The Communication Studies Department at Trevecca not only has given me an extensive and thorough education, but it has given me a community of close friends and caring teachers within Trevecca."

Jessica Walters '16

"The variety and freedom of my major allows me to customize my degree to fit my interests. It gives me a broad number of choices, as broad as my personality."

Jasper Strong ‘17

"I appreciate how the professors communicate. Before I transferred here, professors just treated everyone like 'another student.' At Trevecca, I feel that my professors and advisor are actually for me. They encourage and teach me as a unique person rather than a typical student.

Maci Shingleton ‘15