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Intercultural Studies

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies prepares you for both domestic and global cross-cultural Christian ministry. This program offers a versatile education involving intercultural dynamics and coursework that trains you for ordained ministry in culturally diverse settings.

Program Benefits

  • Learn from faculty who possess high degrees in their fields, who have relevant and valuable real-world experience and who make an effort to know you personally.
  • Enjoy our small class sizes and supportive campus community.
  • Take advantage of incredible internships and jobs available in the exciting Nashville market.

What to Expect

Trevecca’s intercultural studies program is perfect if you feel a calling toward a career in international relations or ministry in a culturally diverse setting. This unique program allows you to complete intercultural training and coursework while also being prepared for ordained ministry with foundational courses in Bible, theology, church and mission history and practical ministry. 

Your degree also covers topics like learning new languages and cultures, becoming a culturally appropriate leader and resolving cross-cultural conflict. You’ll be able to tailor your education to align with your individual passions and goals when you supplement your major with one of the following minors: English language learner; information technology; entrepreneurship and small business management; or social work.

With the broad and balanced education you receive with this degree, you’ll be prepared for both domestic and global cross-cultural Christian ministry. Your knowledge of intercultural dynamics will also give you tools for cultural engagement and creative access and will enable you to pursue roles that offer bivocational support to your ministry.

Why Choose Trevecca?

Founded in 1901 and a leader in online education for more than two decades, Trevecca helps students discover and pursue an individual calling by providing innovative instruction; cultivating a supportive, Christ-centered community; and establishing relationships that open doors.

Recognized nationally and locally for academic quality, Trevecca has earned a reputation for providing the world with servant leaders, problem solvers and difference makers. Trevecca’s holistic approach to education encompasses intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

As a Christian university, we believe that God has a unique plan and purpose for your life. So we offer programs that explore the ways faith intersects with your field of study. This means you can gain your intercultural studies degree in a supportive, Christian community with small classroom sizes and engaged faculty members who care about you and your goals.


Course Descriptions

Get details on all the courses you’ll complete as you work toward this degree at Trevecca.

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Financial Aid & Costs

Financial Aid & Costs

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Career Opportunities

With a degree in intercultural studies, you’ll be ready for a variety of roles in which knowledge of cross-cultural dynamics is essential. More specifically, you’ll be prepared for positions like these:

    • Missionary
    • Pastor
    • Multicultural ministry leader
    • Church planter
    • Ethnographer
    • Researcher
    • Refugee/immigrant resettlement worker

Your degree can also position you to continue with graduate studies in a number of fields.

“Before I even graduated, I got a job to teach English in Thailand as a missionary. I will be using my language skills while making friends and Christ-like disciples.

Ingrid Kiper Trevecca graduate



Course Descriptions

Get details on all the courses you’ll complete as you work toward this degree at Trevecca.

Introduction to Biblical Exegesis
BIB 2990

An introduction to exegesis and hermeneutics, with emphasis on developing an understanding of the history, methods, and principles of theological interpretation of Scripture.

The Educational Ministry of the Church
CED 3080

An introductory study of the total education ministry of the church, particularly through age level ministry. Attention will be given to the teaching/learning process (including biblical teaching) and developing the learning community in the church.

History of the Ancient and Medieval Church
CHI 3040

A survey of the major movements and figures of the Christian Church from the New Testament through the end of the fifteenth century. Doctrine, polity, church life, and worship in each period will be covered. Required before CHI 3050, CHI 3070, and CHI 3130.

History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene
CHI 3060

A survey of the history of the Church of the Nazarene with special attention given to its organization and distinctive mission. The relation of the Church of the Nazarene to North America Christianity and the American Holiness Movement will be covered.

History and Ideology of Intercultural Witness
ICS 3100

An era-by-era survey of paradigm shifts in the understanding and practice of mission. Paradigms studied include biblical, Eastern Church, Medieval Roman Catholic, Protestant Reformation and Wesleyan, Enlightenment and Postmodern, as well as contemporary western and non-western expressions.

Strategies of Cultural Immersion
ICS 3200

An examination of process of cultural immersion, including strategies for language and cultural learning, developing cultural intelligence, dealing with cultural shock and re-entry, and bonding. The course will address practical issues of life in another culture including the use of money, lifestyle decisions, practices of self and family care, and the ethics of cross-cultural friendships.

Field Education in Intercultural Studies
ICS 4000

Field-based education in global mission at an approved ministry site. Graded S/U.

Intercultural Administration and Leadership Development
ICS 4300

Cultural differences in leadership and administration. Strategies for church development, conflict resolution, cross-cultural mentoring and the development of indigenous leaders.

Anthropology and Ethnographic Research
ICS 4400

Anthropological insights for intercultural witness. Skill development in critical contextualization and in ethnographic study for insider understandings of culture.

Perspectives in Christian Ministry
PRA 1010

An introductory course for all Religion majors, Intercultural Studies and Worship Arts Majors exploring such issues as the call to ministry, ordination, spiritual formation, and the minister as person. Grades S/U.

The Mission of the People of God
PRA 3010

Grounded in the Missio Dei, an exploration of the role of God's people throughout Scripture and the ways in which that role has been understood and practiced in various historical eras. Attention is given to the mission of the local church, the practices of evangelism, justice and compassion, as well as cross-cultural mission.

Pastoral Care and Counseling
PRA 3310

An overview of the general care and counseling roles of pastoral ministry with attention given to a critical discernment of the various theories of counseling and the implementation of the broader task of directing the church toward pastoral care. Specialized subjects such as hospital visitation, grief counseling, family systems, and spiritual direction are addressed.

Introduction to Christian Preaching and Worship
PRA 3500

An introduction to homiletical theory, sermon preparation and practices, and sermon delivery within the context of the church's worship. This class introduces the student to the Christian calendar, the celebration of the sacraments, and preaching on special occasions (including weddings and funerals).

The Life of the Christian Minister
REL 4100

A Senior-level integrative course addressing issues of Christian moral thought, spirituality, and ministry within the context of ecclesial identity. Through a wide variety of readings and experiences, care is made to explore the student's ministerial identity and practice in the Church and in society. This course to be taken by Religion and Religious Studies majors in lieu of REL 4000.

Theology of Holiness
THE 4090

An analysis of the biblical, historical, and theological resources for defining Christian perfection within the Wesleyan-holiness tradition.

Systematic Theology I
THE 4140

A study of the nature of theology as a systematic, logical, and disciplined activity within the Wesleyan-holiness tradition. This course will consider theological method and the doctrine of God.

Systematic Theology II
THE 4150

A theological analysis of the doctrine of humankind, Christ, Salvation, Spirit, Church, Sacraments, and Eschatology.

Christian Theology of World Religions
THE 4210

An introductory study of major world religions with express attention to each religion's self-conception and to Christian theological interpretation of the religions with emphasis upon missiological implications of intercultural and interreligious engagement.

Old Testament Theology
THE 4270

A study of the primary methods of the discipline of Old Testament theology as well as the major theological themes of the Old Testament within their canonical context.

New Testament Theology
THE 4280

A study of the approaches, methods, and major developments within New Testament theology.

General Education and Freshman Course Requirement — 43 hours

Minor — 18 hours
(Required departmental minor in Information Technology, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, or Social Work unless an alternative to these is approved in consultation with the advisor.)

*This program also requires six (6) credits of Upper Division Bible courses (one Old Testament and one New Testament)

*For a complete list of courses, tracks and other relevant information, view the program's course catalog.