"The Communication Studies Department is like a family. The professors care about their students more than just academically. What we learn in our classes are things we can use in everyday life."

Casey Hillon '15

Interpersonal Communication is the study of how people relate to each other in friendships, families, romance, church, and work. When you study interpersonal communication at Trevecca, you will learn about the development of listening, empathy, trust, influence, conflict management, verbal and nonverbal communication in a Christ-centered community. These skills help will help you become a stronger communicator in every aspect of your life.

What our students say

"My experience in Trevecca's Communications Department was more than I ever hoped for when I adopted my major. The first thing that drew me to the department were my conversations with Dr. Welch and her immense care for both my education and my well-being. The further I got into the program, the more I realized how Interpersonal Communications is so prevalent throughout our lives, and I learned how to utilize the knowledge in a 'real-world' setting. I also became more aware of the way that each professor loved and cared for their students. They created an educational community that was engaging, educational, and applicable, and they encouraged and supported me through every twist and turn. Having now graduated, I am able to say that I still have an incredible support system at Trevecca, use my major every day, and can see the things I learned in every interaction I have."

Brycellyn LaBorde ‘14
Executive Assistant to Christine Jones
(Arizona gubernatorial candidate)