"The coolest part of the film classes at Trevecca is definitely the hands-on experience style of learning. We get to develop our skills by making videos which can actually be added to demo reels and be put on our resumes."

Mariana Da Silva '19

Filmmakers hold a unique passion to share stories with the world. Whether they run camera, write the script, or edit behind the scenes these creators are at their core storytellers. Trevecca’s Media Arts program prepares these storytellers for careers in film and television through professional training and real-world preparation.

Located in the heart of Nashville, Trevecca students are surrounded by a growing film and television industry. Our media arts program prepares students to work in various positions within the creative and production teams of film and television. These roles include screenwriting, directing, producing, lighting, acting, editing, casting, and cinematography.

The media arts program also prepares students pursuing careers in other areas of television including news anchoring and reporting, news producing and directing, and broadcast journalism.

The study of mass media is a powerful tool. Professors, who have experience in the industry, will help you reach your goals through a major that allows you to take control of your creative ideas and make those ideas flourish through the media of your choice. Trevecca’s Media Arts and Studies program prepares you for the challenge of making projects that can change the world.

Courses are taught in a state-of-the-art communication lab. Outside of class, you will have access to use of professional cameras, lighting, audio and video editing technology. Trevecca has numerous production and film courses meaning students in this field will be able to learn various aspects of the profession, all while earning credits. Telling stories through any medium takes communication. This program has a strong focus on storytelling, so students will learn how to convey their thoughts and ideas in ways that connect with an audience.  

Students within this study will complete an internship that helps grow their career. Media Arts and Studies majors will have access to a strong film and television industry, including opportunities for interships in the city of Nashville. With Trevecca’s strong relationships with area production companies, studios, filmmakers and professionals in the field, students will learn, hands-on, what the business is really like.

Those interested in film can apply to spend a semester at the Los Angeles Film Study Center (LAFSC) where they will take classes and intern at a film studio. LAFSC participation typically occurs during the student’s senior year.

Concentrations in the Major

  • TV/Film Production
  • Media Studies

What our students say

"The Media Arts program at Trevecca was one of my main reasons for attending the university. I have learned so much about the industry through hands on experience and class work. The small class sizes really help because not only do you learn about media but the classes become more like a family."


"Studying in the communication department has led me to many opportunities outside of school that have taught me about videography and that will benefit my future career."