"The professors give us insight from real-life experiences."


Journalists have long played a key role in our culture and our democracy. By telling the stories that matter in their communities, journalists can change the world. At Trevecca, we are proud to offer a full multimedia journalism major that will ensure our students are prepared to think critically and compassionately about the world and tell the stories that change communities.

Our state-of-the-art technology and curriculum designed by industry experts prepare our students
for jobs at news stations, newspapers, magazines and online publications around the country. The multimedia journalism program also prepares students who have interest in public relations and other media writing careers. 

You’ll receive professional hands-on training with industry level expectations. At Trevecca, you’ll study with professionals who have worked and continue to work in the industry. Our technology and curriculum are designed to prepare you to be a storyteller in your community. Our journalism students work on four student publications. By working for The TrevEchoes, our award winning student newspaper and The Micah Mandate, a magazine about the J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice, our students land internships that matter because of the portfolio they build here.

Our students have interned at news outlets from Nashville to New York City and Washington, D.C. Our alumni are telling stories that matter at local news stations as well as newspapers and online publications all over the country. You’ll learn to tell a story that matters. Whether you’re interested in reporting the news or doing public relations, our program will teach you to report, interview and write as a skilled storyteller. At Trevecca, we educate the whole student. We will invite and challenge you to imagine how you can use your gifts for good. 

What our students say

“Trevecca’s journalism program gave me everything I need and then some to fell confident about my writing: to be honest, curious and careful when interviewing people; and to feel sure of myself when pitching my work to editors for freelance jobs. The real-world knowledge I gained in the classroom and the hands-on experience I gained while working with the student newspaper, The TrevEchoes, has been invaluable to me and I am so grateful to the professors who work so hard to make the program as incredible as it is.”

Bailey Basham, ’17

"I learned from a real, living and breathing journalist, Jo Ellen Weedman, who challenged me, taught me well and gave me the freedom to lead a staff of writers with the TrevEchoes, which taught me people and time management skills that I’m still using. A Christian liberal arts education gave me the know-how, but it was the grace-filled teaching and Christian community that challenged me and prepared me for the difficult assignments I’m asked to write from time to time.​"

Tyler Whetstone '14
Government Reporter, Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville, TN