At Trevecca University, we believe that God has a unique plan and purpose for your life. As someone who has felt a calling toward a career in Christian ministry, you deserve an educational environment that aligns with your values while supporting you in your goals of ministry within the local church. With this in mind, we created the Bachelor of Arts in Religion program.

Students who study Religion at Trevecca will be taught a curriculum based around a core of Bible, theology, and church history. Students will choose a professional ministry minor in the following areas: pastoral ministry, youth ministry, children’s ministry, missions, worship ministry, and compassionate ministry.

Through the Religion major, the student is grounded in the essential disciplines necessary for the practice of ministry in various forms while prepared to carry out ministry in innovative, creative, and transformative ways to various age groups and in various settings. Students desiring a double major have the option to major in religious studies, which focuses solely upon the classical disciplines of Bible, theology, and church history. Students who major in an area outside of religion but who desire to carry out study in religion may minor in multiple areas including Bible, biblical language, religious studies, philosophy, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and missions.

Recent graduates of the School of Theology and Christian Ministry serve faithfully throughout the world in diverse settings of ministry and are regarded by graduate schools of religion as some of the most prepared to carry out graduate studies.