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Ways to Engage

There are more opportunities than ever before for Trevecca alumni to be involved in volunteer leadership. Our alumni have skills and passions that can help strengthen our alma mater – and in turn, strengthen the value of our degrees. We need your voice, your time and your abilities, and we have a place for you to serve.

Alumni Association Board Members & Committees

Alumni board members are volunteer leaders who give their time and resources to serve Trevecca alumni. Each person oversees a think-tank committee to listen to the needs and ideas of over 25,000 Trevecca alumni!

Dana Franchetti '11

The Alumni Association President serves as a member of the Trevecca Board of Trustees and represents the association in ways to promote the interests of all alumni.

Jenn Wyatt Neely '98

Providing meaningful opportunities for connecting with each other & the University

Jamie Wandling Ballard '94

Helping the children of alumni feel at home on the Hill

Kurtis Poole '22

Providing ways for young alumni to connect to each other and Trevecca through events, resources and networking

Brodrick Thomas '13, '16 & '20

Promoting ways to strengthen Trevecca and her degrees through the generosity and connectivity of alumni

Mark Rhodes '11

Helping Trevecca model generosity to alumni in practical ways

David Ashok Dhanarajan '00

Provide lifelong connection points for faith development, growth and care

Philip Allred '02

Gather compelling information about our alumni, tell their stories and recognize them for exceptional leadership and service

Dean Diehl '87 & '19

Continued education and opportunities for leading and serving

Open Positions

Leadership is needed in the following areas. Please email to express your interest in leading one of these committees.

  • Volunteerism
  • Communications
  • Athletics
  • Affinity Groups
  • Senior Adult Alumni 

Want to serve on one of these think-tank committees?

Contact us at

Professional Groups

Formerly known as the Association of Business Professionals

Providing opportunities for networking and learning through events and connections.

Providing networking and service opportunities for attorneys affiliated with Trevecca.

Contact us at if you are interested.

Open to students and graduates of the School of Music and Worship Arts or the Skinner School of Business’s music business program.
Open to alumni, faculty and current students of Trevecca's Ed.D. program.

Purple & White Club

The Purple & White Club supports Trevecca basketball programs through finances and service. Alumni and friends of the University can join at various levels from $25 to $5,000+ in exchange for merchandise, seats/passes and more.

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What Happens When You Give?

When you give back to your alma mater, it matters and YOU also benefit. How? When you give, it strengthens Trevecca which, in turn, strengthens your degree. As Trevecca grows, so does the value of your Trevecca degree.

Granting organizations look at our alumni giving as an indicator of engagement - and as that grows, so do the opportunities for additional programs and grants. So thank you for giving!

Regional Alumni Chapters

Coming Soon

Interested in connecting with other alumni in your city or region? We are interested in building alumni chapters and would love your help! Contact if you’re interested.

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