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Outcomes and Program Plan

The 10 Action Steps listed in the table below emerged from the three student success outcomes.

1. Students will be aware of and have confidence in using campus resources to support career-related goals.
  • Promote and market career-related resources and events to all students.
  • Expand and relocate the Office of Career  
    Development and Connection to a student-facing location.
  • Increase personnel in the Office of Career Development and Connections.
2. Students will have opportunities to participate in experiential learning. (Internships, research experiences, service learning, other career-related experiences).
  • Identify and define experiential learning at Trevecca along with determining preferred tracking software.
  • Expand and improve the experiential learning opportunities among programs.
  • Provide students access to seminars and workshops featuring alumni and professional  
    mentors who can address various topics related  
    to career success. 
3. Students will be exposed to NACE career competencies through academic coursework.
  • Mapping of NACE competencies to academic coursework and learning outcomes.
  • Create a Faculty Champion program to assist faculty with career competency integration, faculty-led mentoring experiences, and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Create a resource library for both faculty and  
  • Develop new curricula to engage traditional  
    sophomores, juniors, seniors, and adult  
    undergraduates in coaching and  
    mentoring opportunities through Faculty-Led Academic Mentoring Experiences (FLAME).