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Program Summary

Caring for Careers seeks to build a university culture focused on developing students to achieve their curricular and co-curricular career goals to promote student success. In addition, it seeks to expand and enhance the activities and opportunities related to the career readiness of all students (traditional, adult, and graduate).

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the workforce. The labor market is tight, and the unemployment rate is now 3.5 percent (U.S. Department of Labor, 2021). A recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum entitled "The Future of Jobs Report 2020" reveals that college graduates' skills gap will continue to be high as in-demand jobs will continue to change over the next five years. This is no surprise. Due to a rapidly changing global work environment, now is a critical time for Trevecca to expand its career services to address the future of work for students and alumni.

The images below include the three student success outcomes of the Quality Enhancement Plan, Caring for Careers. 


Caring for Careers