Department of Business Administration

We seek to encourage spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth in each student in our programs, helping shape students into business leaders who will offer responsible leadership and business competence by living our Christian values in the workplace.

The Department of Business Administration prepares students for leadership and service in business. We offer two broad degree options: the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) or the Bachelor of Science in Business (B.S.B.)

Bachelor of Business Administration

This degree includes a core business curriculum with foundational courses in accounting, computer applications, economics, finance, law, management, marketing, statistics and business strategy. You will then choose from one of the following concentrations: 

  • Accounting might be for you if you have a passion for problem solving. It will prepare you for an exciting career in the field of financial services. 
  • In Marketing, you’ll learn to help companies sell their products and keep customers satisfied and well-informed through good communication, basic sales techniques, advertising strategies and customer service.   
  • The Management concentration will give you a foundation for managing businesses and organizations from start-ups and established companies to non-profit organizations and ministries. 
  • International Business will provide you with a solid business foundation with a global focus. 
  • If blazing your own path sounds appealing, our new Entrepreneurship program may be perfect for you.
  • Community Development is designed just for those who want to use their business talents to make a difference in the lives of others. 
  • If music is your thing, the Music Business concentration will offer a practical entrepreneurial foundation and allow you to leverage Trevecca’s industry contacts in the Music City. 
  • If you want to focus on technology, we team up with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences to offer an Information Technology concentration. You’ll gain hands-on experience applying information technologies to business concerns.

Bachelor of Science in Business 

This degree includes the same core business curriculum as the B.B.A., but then offers the choice of any minor listed below or any minor on program. This program’s flexibility also makes it an ideal choice for transfer students or a student who wants to earn a business degree but isn’t drawn to one of the concentrations.

No matter your degree, you’ll complete an internship that offers relevant and insightful experience. Of course, our location in the heart of Nashville offers access to many exceptional internship sites.