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Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership
Next Start Date
  • OnlineJanuary 25, 2022
  • Nashville, TNMarch 15, 2022
  • Gallatin, TNMay 19, 2022
  • Tullahoma, TNMay 26, 2022


Lead With Confidence  

Trevecca’s Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership is a degree-completion program designed for working adults who want to grow as servant leaders and global citizens. Previously named the Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations (MHR), this degree has been helping busy professionals achieve their career goals for more than 30 years. 

Our curriculum has a threefold approach aimed at helping you navigate today’s workforce with excellence and strategy. This accelerated bachelor’s program, created for students who have already completed a minimum of 40 college credit hours, includes coursework that prioritizes creativity, accountability and intentionality while emphasizing three key areas of study:  

  • Management Development
    Enhance your capabilities to oversee teams and initiatives. Build skills and knowledge in key management areas such as strategic and systems management, human resources and marketing.
  • Leadership Development
    Expands your competency to perform in leadership roles within organizations. Receive insight on leadership theories, conflict resolution, change management, personal values and ethics in business.
  • Personal Development
    Become equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed not only in the classroom, but also in your career. Develop personal leadership skills, interpersonal relations, organizational behaviors and a biblical worldview.

What students can expect:

Flexibility. The program exists to provide working adults with the opportunity to complete a college degree in a schedule and format particularly designed to meet their unique needs. Attend class face-to-face at one of Trevecca’s three locations one night a week or complete your degree fully online. And when we say fully online, we mean it! Books and supplies are delivered to your front door and you’ll never have to step foot on campus. Study when it’s convenient for you—an hour in the morning over coffee, during your lunch break or after your kids’ bedtime. For more than 30 years, the manageable workload of our continuing education programs has made it a tremendous success for hundreds of working adults.

Support. Small class sizes allow faculty members to get to know students individually and provide mentoring relationships that help them achieve personal growth while simultaneously offering academically rigorous coursework. Additionally, Trevecca utilizes a cohort model of study, where students begin and complete their degree alongside a group of other classmates—either in person or online—who are taking the same classes and working toward the same goal. Your peers provide the support needed so you can get the most out of your studies. Even while taking online classes, you’ll stay engaged with your cohort, exchanging emails and online discussions on a weekly basis.   

Success. The benefits of returning to college to complete your degree can be life changing! Whether it’s increasing your earning potential, positioning yourself for a promotion or jump-starting a new career path, earning a degree will leave you equipped and empowered for the future. Our graduates currently work in fields such as business, technology, ministry, government, military, social services and health care.

“Every class is taught from a practical perspective,” says program director Dr. Cathy Hendon. “Students want to know how this degree can be immediately applied to their professional life or goals, and we’ve structured the program with that in mind.”

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"When you say 'Trevecca,' it opens doors."

Ricky Ellis

We know life is busy. Family, work, church and other commitments make completing your degree seem like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Trevecca, we understand finishing your degree requires balance with life’s demands. With you in mind, we uniquely structured the Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership program to fit your lifestyle. This program is distinctly designed to provide each working adult student with the opportunity to complete a college degree in a format that meets your unique needs, completely online. Previously named the Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations, Trevecca has been helping busy adults finish their degrees for over 40 years.

You've worked hard to get where you are, and we believe your life experiences should count for something. For this reason, we offer college credit for various certifications, assessments and professional experiences accrued during your time away from school. Upon enrollment, Trevecca’s team of advisors will work directly with you to complete a Prior Learning Assessment to ensure your life’s work isn’t overlooked.  

Upon enrollment, your advisor will work on adding any elective courses you may need to your schedule.

Our curriculum is interdisciplinary and liberal arts in nature, and greatly emphasizes critical-thinking, communication, self-awareness and personal development. With a focus on organizational behavior, ethics, management and relationship building, the program integrates a Christian worldview and seeks to build servant leaders and global citizens that can successfully navigate today’s workforce with confidence and strategy.  

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