Department of Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies offers broad training in diverse areas of human communication—speech, interpersonal communication, theatre, film, multimedia journalism, art and organizational communication.

The versatile curriculum provides considerable flexibility and is designed to meet a variety of student needs and career interests. In addition to its core majors, the Department also offers a Bachelor’s degree in the general communication studies major, which allows students to tailor their study to individual career goals.

Studying communication equips students with a variety of skills necessary in many fields, especially skills in public speaking, leadership, public relations, storytelling, and performance. The world needs strong communicators.

Professors in Trevecca’s Department of Communication Studies have many years of experience in the fields they teach, offering students a helpful perspective from firsthand experience. Students learn from professors who are trained professional public speakers, who have produced films and theatre, who have written for newspapers, and more. The department also brings in guest speakers from the industry who complement classroom training with real-world perspectives. 

If you are interested in making a positive difference in the world as a communicator or artist, consider a major in Trevecca's Department of Communication Studies.