"I'm always amazed
at the investment each professor
puts into each student."

Michelle Cantrell '15

Turn your passion for music into a degree with Trevecca University's Bachelor of Arts in Music. Our accomplished faculty is comprised of many talented musicians who are dedicated to helping you expand your talents and find success in the music industry. 

A Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music is a liberal arts degree that gives the student musician a holistic approach to higher education with several career and service opportunities. Graduates with a B.A. in Commercial Music have engaged in engineering aspects of the music industry, become published songwriters, worked as volunteer or paid worship leaders, and performed in commercial recording studios and various live performance venues.

At Trevecca, we define commercial music as music written to engage the culture, for entertainment, or for profit.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Foundational classical training and application of technique into commercial styles.
  • Entrepreneurship and training related to signing contracts, self-promotion, getting and keeping studio jobs, etc (Working Musician class)
  • Highly qualified professors and adjuncts

Students who pursue this degree will receive foundational training in classical theory and performance and then will apply this knowledge in specific commercial contexts.  In addition, they will explore one or more of the elective areas listed below:

  • Songwriting (Private study available)
  • Recording Technology (Including Audio for Video and Internships)
  • Worship Leading
  • Jazz Studies

What our students say

"Trevecca not only provided a way for me to become a better musician; but it also molded me into the musician I am today. I am forever grateful for my experience at Trevecca."