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Leadership & Professional Practice (Ed.D.)

Leadership & Professional Practice (Ed.D.)
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  • OnlineFebruary 03, 2021
  • Nashville, TNMay 15, 2021


For Aspiring Leaders, a Professional Doctoral Degree in Leadership Awaits

Our Doctor of Education in Leadership and Professional Practice is for professionals working every day to improve the lives of others. Trevecca’s Ed.D. equips those in various industries to strategize, analyze, motivate, spearhead and ultimately transform their work environment for the good.

Do you desire to become a leader who can shape, influence and encourage other employees, students, clients or fellow citizens? Trevecca’s Doctor of Education in Leadership and Professional Practice (Ed.D.) is designed for adults looking to advance their careers through a vibrant learning experience that’s relevant, accessible and affordable.

Our Ed.D. degree allows students to garner skills and knowledge in exceptional leadership for a variety of roles in fields such as business, technology, education, ministry, government, law enforcement and health care. The result is an impactful experience that has produced graduates throughout the last two decades who now serve in a wide variety of respected leadership roles.

In a world hungry for strong leaders, the Ed.D. program is your best option for preparing to be the solution to the need wherever your passions and career take you.

Interested in earning your Ed.D., but wanting administrative licensure as well? Check out our Ed.S. to Ed.D. bridge program.

Here’s what to expect:

Flexibility. Take one course at time. Attend class face-to-face one Saturday a month or complete the program fully online. Our team of professors and mentors structure the pace of this program with professionals in mind. Study when it’s convenient for you—an hour in the morning over coffee, during your lunch break or after your kids’ bedtime. For 20 years, the manageable workload of this degree has made it a tremendous success for hundreds of working adults.

Instruction that Empowers. Learn how to create effective organizations; ways to plan for strategic improvement; tools to build teamwork and foster collaboration; the value of intrapersonal effectiveness and more. Discover cultural influences to consider when building and leading a team. Receive the latest insight on research-based technology.

Results. Complete your degree in as few as 27 months and work on your dissertation in conjunction with your coursework. Choose to research a subject matter that pertains to your passions and career. Focus on problems that need solving within your profession and finish the program with a degree and practical solutions in hand.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” –John Quincy Adams

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Advance your career with an advanced degree

Trevecca University's Doctor of Education in Leadership and Professional Practice is designed for aspiring leaders like you who wish to advance their careers through garnering skills and expertise in exceptional leadership.

Our comprehensive program appeals to professionals across various fields including:

  • Business 
  • Health care
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Ministry
  • Education

Areas of Study

Led by faculty who also serve as highly credentialed experts throughout their respective fields, Trevecca’s Ed.D. program takes a research-based, theory-into-practice approach to its standardized curriculum, including the topics of:

  • Leadership (self, team and organizations)
  • Research (applied research and statistics)
  • Professional Practice (transformational change; cultural influences; strategic policy and planning; professional practice; theories, systems and structures; and technology)

This non-licensure doctoral program extends for 27 months and allows you to complete your dissertation in concert with the rest of your coursework.   

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