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Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership
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  • OnlineOctober 20, 2020


Bring Christ-centered dynamic leadership to the organization you serve with Trevecca’s Master of Organizational Leadership

Trevecca’s Master of Organizational Leadership degree program is designed for working professionals with current leadership roles or those desiring leadership responsibilities. It aims to enhance individual and group leadership skill development so that employees can work from a servant leadership perspective. The program provides a Christian perspective of leadership in a secular world. 

Since 1901, Trevecca has been developing leaders who will make a positive impact on businesses and organizations. Our Master of Organizational Leadership program is ideal for students who want a degree that’s practical, relevant and immediately beneficial in transforming their workplaces.

Designed for Busy Professionals

The Master of Organizational Leadership program is 100 percent online, which is perfect for students with personal and professional commitments. Working with a cohort of up to 19 fellow students, you’ll focus on one course at a time every six weeks for 18 months. The program is convenient and flexible; books and materials are even delivered to your front door. 

The Master of Organizational Leadership is designed to connect businesses and organizations to the people who represent them. Regardless of industry or field, every organization has a unique culture. This program will help you to understand those cultures and make a difference within their organizational structures.

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